Monday, March 22, 2010


What's going on fellows? I just want to share some of the Famicom systems I have in collection with me, the ones collected throughout the years. Some, actually, not used and are brand new. I have the Original 1983 Family Computer from Japan, plus I have a variety of Famicom Clones that I really love. I will post pictures of these systems so you can have a chance to see how big of a Famicom console fun I am. ENJOY! 


Well, here is my complete Famicom Collection. It is made up of 8 Consoles, 6 of which are complete with original boxes and manuals and two of which I only have the consoles (as you may witness from the image I've shared here in my blog). No repeats showing here in this image, each console is different and unique if you explore in detail. But I have some repeats which are not shown here because I wanted to show the only 8 ones that I will keep with me, LOL !!!  Feel free to ask me any questions or leave any comments with respect to my collection. GREAT COLLECTION !!! 

Mine is the one shown above with my complete collection, I have some more in NEW Condition which I will sell. 

Here is the entire complete Family Computer Nintendo with all manuals in great shape.

After more than 27 years since it came out, the console is like NEW. (1983)

This is how the only Original Famicom looks like from rear view, only one Output, RF SWITCH.

I just love how this box looks.

I still preserve the shipping package that came with the system. This is why the box is in good shape.

Here is one I really like. The Box and Manual are in great shape, very clean. This is a Famicom Clone as you can note by the "Video Game" Logo. It looks almost like the original Famicom.

The color is just very nice, it has not deteriorated as some systems get suntanned. Mine is just as white as any new one.

The difference between the Original Famicom and this Famicom Clone is that the controllers have two extra buttons, Turbo Buttons. 

And the Audio/Video outputs are an extra detail, which makes the image and sound just like an HD image.

This one, though never opened, is another Famicom Clone named "Video Game System KL-235"  

As you can notice, the system is still wrapped. Very cool, isn't it? More than 13 years stored.
I'll see when I decide to use it.

Another angle shot, so you can make sure that it is brand new. 

This is an image of the actual Famicom Clone, the best one I can show since the system is inside the wrapped styrofoam.

Finally,  I decided to open it after more than 13 years wrapped in its original box.

This LIKO VIDEO GAME SYSTEM plays great. Very nice-looking controllers.

Audio/Video outputs like the other Clones.

Here is one that is a little different from my other Famicom Clones.

"Computer Video Game" complete and in great condition.

The controllers, with Turbo Buttons, can be unplugged from the system.

Pretty neat system. I like how this one looks. I maintain the controllers with a plastic wrap to prevent deterioration.

Great image-display with the Video/Audio out put. 

This is another one of those Famicom Clones. This is the second of two black ones I have.
I don't have the box cover for this one. 

Very nice-looking color. I love how the colors are combined. 

This one, too, with Turbo Buttons. Pretty neat...

Side-view to check how all colors meet up together to make it a unique among any of its counterparts. 

Very clean Audio/Video outputs like my other Clones.

Here is another Famicom Clone. BRAND-NEW-NEVER-OPENED system, though very similar to the original Famicom. You can notice that this one is a Clone by noting the extra red buttons on the controllers. 

More than 11 YEARS wrapped and unopened. You can notice this by looking at the plastic reflecting my room window.

Brand new box, brand new unopened system, what else do I want?...

(Check back again so you can see more of my Famicom Systems I have. I'll post more pictures of my other Famicom Clones that I have in the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy this and SEE-YOOOOU  laTTTer. Have a great one and don't forget to leave your comment, though good one.)


  1. Hey what's up. I like the systems. I never knew that you had this systems around. I like the "Video Game System KL-235" the most thought.

  2. Yes, that is one of my"favoritos"
    But I love all of them, as well.

  3. Greetings. You have a great collection of famiclones. Would you ever consider selling one of your Pirate MK III systems?

  4. Hey, what games are on the cartridges of the Liko one? Would appreciate it if you answered my question, I had an exact same one back in the days

  5. i want to buy nintendo family much ?

  6. Oye hay uno que es de color verde, no tendras una foto?

  7. i have a famicom, i am 21 and it's older than me. i think i have a clone/counterfeit one. mine looks like your original famicom from nintendo but the joysticks have 4 buttons(a,b,turbo a,turbo b) and the family computer branding is present in my system unlike your other famicom clone that looks like the original one but shows video game. i thought i have the original from ninendo. do i have a fake one? please email me @bjpenn1006@yahoo,com i can also send you pics of my system. thanks

    1. correction:
      i mistakenly put a comma instead of a period in my email